Why Messages Sent From Yahoo Mail Are Delayed ?

How to find Delayed Message in Yahoo?

Yahoo is one of the most famous and fastest search engine or web portal used worldwide.  It is one of the popular destinations on the web offering a web portal, a search engine, mail, news, sports, videos, and much more services. It provides 1TB of initial storage to its users. Millions of users use Yahoo for their personal or commercial purpose. With the help of it, you can share high-resolution photos, videos, and attachments and much more you want to share with your friends and families. There are lots of amazing features which are offered by Yahoo mail as it is one of the best webmail services. It offers many amazing services as you can also find the reason for your delays message. You need to use the full header to find the reason of your delay delivery. An email full header consists of detail information about how it was routed and delivered as well as information about the real sender of the email with a fake address.


yahoo support number +1-855-510-0777

How to View an Email’s Full header?

  • You need to open an email.
  • Press “More and then choose “View Raw Message. There is the full header at the beginning of the raw message.
  • Header information is very useful to investigate the problems. It helps us to find the real address in a forged email. If you‘re getting an email from an address you blacklisted.  Then use header information to view the real address of the Forged email. To learn more, contact Yahoo customer support team for instant support via mail or Yahoo Tech Support Phone Number available on the web.
  • See the full header as mention above.
  • You need to compare the bottom “From: address to the address in either theReceived The real address of the sender is in the top-most of “Received Field.

Block the true email address:

Now that you have the true email address you can block it.

  • Automatically set up the filters to send these emails directly into the trash folders.
  • Just block the address so you will not receive emails from it.

To check where an Email was delayed: The Delivery records are present in the full headers show when each computer received the message. The newest delivery report is at the top and the old one is at the bottom. If you see a large time gap between deliveries records, that will shows which system delayed before sending it to the next computer.

  • See the full header as mention above.
  • Look for one or more lines that say “Received.” These are the delivery records.
  • Check these records to find any delays.

These are the steps which will definitely help you to find the reason of your delayed message. There are several third party tools which help us to find that Email which was delayed. For more information, visit yahoo support page.

For more Info Visit: https://quicksupportservice.com/yahoo-customer-care-number.html

Or Yahoo Users Can Dial:

+1 – 855-510-0777 (USA/CANADA)

+44-800-051-3717 (UK)

+61-180-082-5192 (AUS)







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  1. Nice and informative content shared on Yahoo mail delayed messages, Great views, and solution provided on Yahoo mail issue.

  2. Good job dear last night I was also facing this issue. I call here Yahoo customer support number.They resolved my issue within a minute.

  3. I know the reason why this happens maybe yahoo server don’t support sometimes, due to which yahoo mail do not synchronize.

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